Who is a Better Preference? Freelancer vs Agency!


Whether it’s for increasing traffic on your website or gathering more content views, you need to hire the right people. You have two options for making a selection, i.e., freelancer or content agencies. But, first, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hiring any freelancer or agency.

When choosing any IT services like web design or web development or entire Testing of an already built product, the very first question that clicks our mind is, “which is better and which one should you pick?”

There could never be any certain answer because it depends upon some factor worth taking into account. So, it’s time to deep dive into the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer or agency.

Hope reading ahead is going to be much helpful in making an informed decision:

Pros of Hiring Freelancers

Who is Freelancer?

They are independent workers who do not have to do anything with any organization or agency for their work. They work by enjoying a high level of independence. Now let’s focus on the advantages of hiring freelancers instead of an agency:

It's Cheap to Hire

As mentioned before freelancer works independently without being in control of any agency for their salary. Agencies support themselves as a whole, which leads to high prices as it includes overhead costs for its services, unlike freelancers who only charge for their work and themselves. In this way, you can see that the cost of hiring freelancers is significantly less than signing a contract with an agency.

Work Quality

Freelancers choose the work based on their expertise and do not accept the type of work or topic they don’t know anything about. The reputation of freelancers matters a lot because they can’t rely on a stable salary and get projects to work based on their repo only. Therefore, they work very hard to prove themselves better than their competition.
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Now Have a Look at Cons of Hiring a Freelancer:

The independent nature of freelancer also has some disadvantages in it:

Less Secure

As freelancers are not attached to the agency, so it lacks somewhere informal structure. It’s possible that the two parties will not sign a contract, that the freelancer will disappear in the middle of their task, or that your project will be leaked. While this isn’t a problem if you choose trustworthy freelancers, signing a contract makes them accountable.

No Supervision

One disadvantage of utilizing freelancers is that they are not supervised, unlike a writer employed by an agency. This means that neither the quality of their job nor the hours they work are guaranteed. You may also have to handle them yourself, which may take time and effort. This can be expensive, especially when something needs to be done quickly.

Freelancers Work at Multiple Projects at Once

The writer working for the agency has a fixed salary, but freelancers do not have equal job security, which creates a requirement to find more projects for work. In addition, when you hire freelancers, they are more than likely to be working on other projects simultaneously as yours, which results in slowing down progress.

It's time to focus on Agencies now, so let's have a look into the Pros of hiring an agency:

Though both freelancers and agencies produce similar content, there are still differences between both of these services. First, let’s scratch the benefits of hiring an agency.
Work Load
Agencies have more resources and workforce, so better to go for the agency than managing multiple freelancers if you have to outsource for larger projects.
Quality Control
Quality control is frequently standardized in agencies, which means that supervisors oversee the workflow. As a result, there’s a lower likelihood that your job will be delayed.
Contracts are given to agencies, and they are expected to follow them. So, in addition to quality control, it’s safe to state that hiring agencies is the more accountable alternative.
Agency provides much more flexibility in terms of modifying existing features or adding new features or modules. Since they have multiple resources available for different skill sets and experience, it becomes easier for clients to get the work done more quickly and efficiently as compared to a freelancer who is restricted to a particular skill.
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Discussion on Cons of Hiring Agencies
Contracting an agency for services has a few drawbacks to consider.
Not recommended for small Projects
Hiring an agency is not cost-effective for projects that are small in size as Agency uses a complete organized approach and it will end up engaging more resources than required. Since multiple resources would be included and so this will increase the overall cost, it is preferred to look for an Agency only when you have a project that has a timeline of more than a month.

It is best to go for any large or complicated task should be outsourced to an agency, while freelancers can handle smaller ones.

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