What is the Importance of Automation Testing in Software Testing?

Companies creating software in 2021 can't afford to take shortcuts when it comes to speed. They must deliver software and subsequent upgrades quickly and frequently to remain competitive in an online industry that is constantly growing. This will not be achievable without adding automation into the development and testing processes – most efficiently via DevOps and CI/CD approaches.

To keep up with the speed of development and product deployment, test cycles, in particular, require automation. With 2-week sprints generating exclusive new features all at once, testers must run extensive test cases quickly and precisely. Automation testing is the only way to keep up with Agile development while thoroughly testing software for potential problems.

Software testing, an essential element of the development process for software applications that meet the highest quality standards, maybe a complicated procedure. As there are numerous features available in today's applications, it is not to be mentioned in the massive number of platforms and browsers to deliberate the chances of bugs and issues getting unreported are growing.

Automation testing speed up the testing process and boost test coverage. The best part about automation is that it improves testing quality, speeds it up significantly, and lowers the cost.

The Key Advantages of the Automation Testing to the QA Team:

Increased Coverage
of Tests

Automation testing improves test coverage by allowing more extended tests to be completed in less time, allowing more difficulties within the limited timeframes that software development teams face today.

Accuracy has

Even if the most dexterous tester performs the tests, there remains a risk of human mistakes with manual testing. With automation testing, all errors, no matter how minor, are eradicated.


Because it involves the use of tools and scripts, automation testing is substantially faster. This enhanced speed can give QA teams an additional advantage by running tests several times while still meeting deadlines.

Increased Software
Testing Scope

Automated testing can complete test cases that would be impossible to achieve manually. Regression testing entails running a test against numerous sets of data and can be executed with automation.

Test Case

It is described as the ability of test cases to be reused with automation testing. The same collection of test cases can be reused to test different versions of the product.

Bugs are
detected earlier

Early in the software development life cycle, automation testing allows for the detection of defects. While this may appear insignificant, it can save a lot of time and money in the long run to fix errors.


Automation testing is essential as it enables the organization to achieve the goals of testing with affluence. At the same time, it fetches high ROI that more than compensates for the initial investment. To implement test automation, an organization needs to choose a comprehensive test automation service provider like Mechlin, as we are a renowned name among all competitors.

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