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    Manual Software Testing Services

    To Ensure Seamless Operation, Mechlin Provides Manual Software Testing Services

    For manual testing, Mechlin Technologies is a well-known name. We are the go-to company for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Our team comprises seasoned individuals with experience in E-Commerce, E-Learning, E-Government, Media and entertainment, FinTech, MarTech, and GameDev To ensure flawless quality, we urge our clients to manually test all features of their products, particularly new ones, using a test strategy and test cases that have been previously prepared. Our engineers act as end-users during Manual Testing to ensure that the software behaves as expected and has no usability, performance, or security problems. We have a lot of expertise with software outsourcing, and we use tried-and-true manual testing approaches to ensure your product is thoroughly tested. In addition, our staff is constantly expanding its knowledge by implementing new technologies and current software testing methods.

    Here's a look at how we put software to the test
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    We do mobile application testing on a variety of platforms and devices. Before automating software testing, manual software testing can help you imitate user activities when using your mobile app and identify the most common mistakes. Our experts can handle this process quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your product is ready for the next step of testing.


    Manual Testing for

    Finding flaws early in the development process of your web app can save money on bug fixes while also increasing the application's productivity and stability. We use the most up-to-date manual testing approaches to assess functionality, usability, security, and other elements. To be confident in the high-quality web service, entrust manual testing to our professional testing specialists.

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    Our expert team can personally verify various desktop app features under multiple scenarios. One of the benefits of manual testing is the flexibility in setting data and checking results during the testing process. We provide high-quality manual software testing services for your desktop apps, and we're ready to put our years of knowledge to work for you.

    As applications and systems become more complex, businesses face new hurdles in functional testing to attain 'perfect' software production quality

    Companies need strong domain knowledge to do effective functional testing, even with solid testing processes and technology experience. Mechlin Technologies offers a unique combination of testing techniques, tools, and technology skills, as well as domain knowledge, to ensure that the product is delivered defect-free and on schedule. With a foundation of matured test methods, in-house accelerators, and experience with all industry-leading functional testing technologies, we provide end-to-end manual testing services for your operational testing needs.

    From developing an optimum test strategy to providing post-production assistance, we take full responsibility for the testing activities. In our engagements, we apply a user-centric testing methodology to achieve continual value improvement. We ensure total traceability of the business requirements for extensive test coverage to the test cases defined and executed. In addition, we give detailed reporting with customizable dashboards at regular intervals as a professional manual testing firm to keep you informed about the testing progress and errors.

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