The Role and Importance of IT During Pandemic


As we have entered the year 2021 with a changing new decade starting from the year 2020, all of us have taken lots of new resolutions such as traveling a lot, making savings, learning new skills, etc. Most of the businesses have planned to start this new era with detailed business plans, but it was utterly unforeseeable that a time will come when everything will stop because of the hit of the Pandemic.

The world went on complete lockdown from the decade’s changing to stop the spread of Novel Coronavirus. This disease has compelled health officials and government officials to place people under quarantine, allowing them to leave their houses only for particular reasons such as purchasing essentials, working (if considered essential workers), or seeking medical help. As a result, the world comes to a halt as people only venture out to get essential commodities and work, ensuring disease control and prevention. Thus, our everyday lives have significantly got changed because of the sternness and reach of this Pandemic.

I must say that Information Technology has played a very important role during the Pandemic by maintaining a sense of normality.

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Let’s understand Information Technology and its role during the Pandemic
The use of computers to store and retrieve data and Information is known as information technology. In contrast to personal or recreational technology, IT is often used in commercial activities for managing data. Thus, IT is a subset of ICT (information and communication technology). IT encompasses all aspects of sharing data over several networks and the internet as a whole. Physical hardware, operating systems, applications, storage, databases, and servers are only a few examples. In this dreadful pandemic situation it is helping us a lot in all arenas such as healthcare, business, communication, education, connection, entertainment, videos, video games, virtual tours, critical role in spreading Information:
Healthcare System
Healthcare is one of the significant fields in which IT makes a difference in this pandemic error. In improving standards in WHO, hospitals, testing facilities, and laboratories technology has played a vital role. Therefore, we can say that digital health has become crucial for the healthcare world and playing a dynamic role in this challenging time. Modern hospitals are already using digital tools and information technologies. It includes everything from devices that enable virtual care, which allows healthcare providers to monitor and communicate with any coronavirus disease patient 24 hours a day, seven days a week without having to be physically present, to networks that store clinical data and allow institutions and professionals to quickly access and share patient data, test results, and other health information when required.  
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How has Information Technology played an Important Role in Spreading Information?
Sharing Information has become accessible to people during this crisis. Using IT healthcare and government technologies is improving public health by circulating the news of Covid-19 to millions of people for their awareness. In a fraction of seconds, any breakthroughs, preventive measures, or medical advice can be shared via networks and devices. People can connect if they want more information or report symptoms of the virus through dedicated lines. These all have become possible because of Information Technology.
The business world is heavily relying on IT to keep running perilous operations and projects smoothly. Because of this, the Pandemic beginning from the supply chain to human resources got affected heavily. One of the most significant obstacles is the introduction of mandated work-from-home policies by businesses. Everyone in the firm must commit to and invest in the change to remote working. There’s no way of knowing how long these measures will last, and given the rapid pace of change surrounding COVID-19, it’s necessary to think long-term. It is critical to commit after the decision to migrate to remote work fully has been taken. Both employers and employees should be aware of this. For reliable, scalable, and flexible jobs, employers must guarantee that remote workers are on the same page and have access to the appropriate technology and collaboration tools (connected information systems, cloud computing, communication apps, etc.). For reliable, scalable, and flexible work, employers must guarantee that remote workers are on the same page and have access to the appropriate technology and collaboration tools (connected information systems, cloud computing, communication apps, etc.). To bring the organization through this Pandemic, employees must adjust to the new conditions and give it they’re all.
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As the Information of Covid-19 spreads, people start going through various things. A point comes when people become panic, concerned, panicked, or scared. And in this worst situation, it is important to keep people connected and working on the same page. Therefore, proper communication needs to be established. Leaders must recognize their role in guiding people through this difficult time. Employees will look to their bosses for guidance on how to respond. They will grow discouraged and underperform if they are faced with defeated expressions and little Information . Leaders must be proactive in their communication with stakeholders.
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While many crucial needs are being addressed throughout the Pandemic, education is an important component to remember. Many schools throughout the world have closed their doors to students as a result of the COVID-19 problem. Education molds us and has a significant impact on our growth. If education is harmed, it can have a negative impact on children and young adults who want to learn more and improve their quality of life. The good news is that this does not imply that education has come to an end. Through digital technologies and online educator resources, educational institutions are utilizing IT to offer alternative learning pathways. Students and teachers of all ages can collaborate through video conferences, file sharing, remote access to a learning center, and platforms to guarantee that interruptions to education are kept to a minimum.

Whether we like it or not, we will need to unwind and enjoy some amusement at some point. We limit how productive we can be and how much we can accomplish in a single day. People will seek out sources of entertainment if they are confined to their homes for an extended amount of time. This task is made comparatively simple by information technology. Not only does it allow us to communicate with others, but it also allows us to connect with others. However, it also gives a plethora of entertainment options such as;

On the internet, there is a plethora of video streaming websites. Netflix and Youtube, for example, have millions of users who pass the time by watching movies, series, documentaries, or just random videos. These services allow us to use our imaginations to enter circumstances and realms we could never have imagined before.
Video games

Video games are another popular way for people to pass the time during quarantine. Hundreds of millions of people play popular multiplayer games with their pals to fulfil tasks, fight rivalries, and pass the time in quarantine.