Pros and Cons of IT


Nowadays the technology growth has become one of the most debatable topics. Some of the scientists named it a disaster, but some take it as a blessing. Undoubtedly, we are in the techno age where technology has become an integral part. We can’t survive a single day without technology, but sometimes it also becomes difficult if our dependency increases.

Before making any conclusion, let’s know the pros and cons of Information Technology:


IT Improves Productivity for Business

Any technology’s most significant benefit is that it improves the efficiency of a business process.

We can complete more work in less time. Communication, coordination, execution, and implementation of various corporate processes have become smooth and hassle-free. All credit goes to technology, which ranges from shared drives to emails.

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It Helps In Saving Time

One of the most obvious benefits of technology is that it saves time. We can use the saved time for other vital tasks to complete it in minimal time. As a result, many activities, such as cooking, cleaning, working, and commuting, are made easier with technology.

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Better communication
Earlier, it wasn’t easy to communicate with a person from another part of the world, right! Let’s imagine the time when the communication was done using pigeons and letters. It is something that took days or weeks for delivering any message . However, thanks to technology, the world has become smaller, and now it is incredibly convenient to communicate anywhere in the world.
IT Reduces Risks of Cybercrime
Technology is exceptionally beneficial for the cyber world. The algorithms of AI are qualified enough to detect any change in patterns that are unique from the regular pattern. Implementing AI to identify cyber-attacks is still in its early stages, but it is possible to prevent them with technological advancements. As a result, the chances of a cyber-attack are reduced.
Now let’s discuss some disadvantages of the technological advancements:
Extreme Dependability
Without realizing it, we are becoming more and more reliant on technology for practically every action we perform. Using a cab service is a good illustration of this. Another example is utilizing GPS to get driving directions to any area. Unfortunately, many people nowadays don’t bother to study or memorize movements since they rely on Google Maps. In this way I can say that, it is not a good road that we are taking!
Technology has already become an integral part of life, but still, some people are unable to afford technologies. In addition, most of the technologies that organizations are using are expensive. As a result, one of technology’s biggest con  is that it can only be used by those who can afford it.
Shortage of jobs

The technology is on its way to replace humans by showcasing its ten times better practical tasks. With the advancement of technology, computers can perform tasks similar to humans, which are reducing the vacancy for jobs in the market.

Even businesses nowadays prefer technology that can perform things more quickly than humans. As a result of technological advancements, people may be replaced by algorithms and robots.

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One of the major cons of technology is that it is all controlled by machines. And even a minor slip in performance can lead to an uncontrollable catastrophe. As a result, a little malfunction could result in a complete failure, potentially resulting in human death. We’re undecided about whether technology is a boon or a burden now that we’ve addressed how it benefits us and the drawbacks of technology today. Only time will let us know that the future of technology is bright or not? However, we also believe that being a global citizen we have responsibility  to let some of the technology  enter into our lives. It is up to us to make choice.