The Best Inventory Management Software for 2022

best inventory management software

Inventory management is a critical element in building a successful business. But how can you do it? It is still the question. Thus, we have shared a list of the best inventory management software in 2022. It will lessen the burden, automate the process, and will churn excellent outcomes for your business.

But before we get started! First, let’s briefly account for what inventory management software is. What is their usability?

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management is much more than that of keeping a record of the warehouse & storeroom. Nowadays, inventory management can directly or indirectly impact the growth and scalability of the business. It becomes a daunting task for small to large-scale businesses to keep every inventory intact. Thus, the need for inventory management software came.

Inventory Management Software is a tool that keeps track of your inventory and can regulate or monitor your accounts, your ERP system and other managerial tasks. The device also helps automate the process, thus reducing human errors in maintaining the stocks.

Why Does Any Department Needs Inventory Management Software?

After discussing the meaning of inventory management, let’s understand why it is necessary for an organization. First, an inventory management tool helps streamline the whole back-end & front-end process for you. So, instead of putting manual efforts into every process, Inventory management automates the process by updating each sales channel with your recent stock levels. As a result, your company can smoothly sync workflows and let the inventory management software do all the work for you.

Which are the Top Inventory Management Softwares 2022?

Inventory management software can also help in removing or reducing inefficiency. The tools help build a solid yet flexible grip over the supply channels, shipping products on time, etc. So, here is a quick overview of the best inventory management system for 2022

1. NetSuite ERP

This is the top pick in the bucket of inventory management tools. NetSuite ERP Inventory Management is framed to leverage control of your stocks & warehouse activities. Simultaneously, you can quickly fulfil your customer’s needs & can build up a robust supply work order in your warehouse. Moreover, one can utilize NetSuite ERP’s built-in tools and attributes so that tracking inventory in multiple locations, monitoring cycle points, re-order counts, and safety stocks become easy.


It is not a particular inventory management tool, but its functionality allows this tool to behave like one. It makes users distinguish and tag list items and apply the product description, status, and deadline for each item. In this way, helps in properly organizing inventory & giving good outcomes to the organizations.

3. ShipBob

This is an upgraded comprehensive inventory management, WMS and e-commerce fulfilment platform. ShipBob is an acclaimed tool for top-notch wholesalers, retailers, and eCommerce businesses. It is constructed to boost the delivery deadline, shipping expenses, and customers’ overall shopping experience

4. Katana

Katana is a form of ERP system and behaves like inventory management software. It helps you track raw inventory, plan production, and generate stock reports. Simultaneously, the software allows users to do inventory adjustments, automating the generation of operational costs. Moreover, it offers a centralized dashboard to get an in-depth sight of your multi-channel inventory.

5. ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus is the best enterprise asset management software. It is framed to aid businesses in reducing operating costs while boosting profitability. The tool consists of five distinct modules for inventory management, work order management, asset management, inspection, and preventive maintenance. It is also used as an end-to-end system for many companies in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and facilities management.

What are the Benefits of Inventory Management Software?

There are several benefits of utilizing inventory management systems. It includes the following pointers. So, let’s get started!

  1. Automated Inventory Management
  2. Inventory Forecasting
  3. Accurate Handle of Inventory
  4. Reduces Operational Costs
  5. Better Inventory Planning
  6. Improvised Supply Chains
  7. Incorporating a New Selling Channel

So, these were the advantages of the inventory management system. Also, we have shared the top-rated Inventory management systems in the list. You can choose one of the software as per your business needs. Moreover, Mechlin Software Technology Pvt Ltd can customize your existing software as per your business needs. All you have to do is send us an email at or contact +1 (805) 776-3451 to take consultation. Our professional will guide you on your web development journey.