What Is the Best Way to Create a Native App in 2022 (Cross-Platform or Not)?

What Is the Best Way to Create a Native App in 2022 (Cross-Platform or Not)?
Mobile application development has reached its peak in the past few years. Around 3.5 billion people are on their smartphones. It includes 74.14% of users on Android, 25.26% on iOS, and 0.6% on other platforms. Moreover, these statistics are the conclusion of Native App Development. Native apps are applications which are compatible with a single platform like either Android or iOS or others. While developing a mobile app, the developer needs to contemplate the venue carefully. Simultaneously, they must consider the target audience’s location and preferences. While building a native application, the developer has got three prominent options:
  • Build a dedicated app for each platform
  • use a cross-platform app development framework to re-use code for each platform
  • build a progressive web application (PWA).
Today’s article describes the best way to create a native app in 2022. Read out the options and implement them when needed.

What is a Native App?

As we discussed, native applications are meant to develop for a target platform. This platform utilizes specific programming languages and SDKs. For instance, Kotlin or Java are used for Android and Swift for iOS applications.

Similarly, Apple and Google offer a diverse range of native applications to promote engineers to craft apps for their platforms. It consists of design guidelines, interface elements, development environments, and various libraries that make native development easier.

Native app development is the trustworthy and safest way to develop a top-grossing native mobile app for 2022. But, with every good, there comes come to some cons too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Native App Development

Reason to pick:

  • Speed- It builds specially for a target platform. So, it is faster than Cross-platform.
  • Functionality- It has direct access to hardware. Apple also gives sole access to some features to native applications.
  • Quality- native applications make applications which are easy to use.

Reason to leave:

  • Cost- build a specific mobile app for each platform
  • Specialists- Need developers who know Katlin, Java, or Swift.

What is a Cross-Platform Application?

With slight customization, the Cross-platform app becomes compatible with multiple platforms. It includes Vue native, Flutter, NativeScript, and React Native. Most of them use JavaScript to build apps that run on both Android and iOS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross-Platform Applications:


  • Cost-code shares between all the targeted platforms to reduce the cost and make cross-platform apps cheaper than native ones.
  • Speed- It takes less time to build a React Native app than a native app.


  • Flexibility- It adds some limitations to your project.
  • Quality- The quality of a Cross-platform app feels inconsistent with the targeted platform compared with a native application.
  • Performance- It is slower than Native applications.
What are Progressive Web Apps?
  • A progressive web app is a swift way in cross-platform mobile app development. It is a central point that bridges the gap between a conventional mobile app and a mobile-accessible website.
  • It is built with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • The following are the differences between Native applications and a PWA:
How do users access native applications and progressive web apps?

Native and Cross-platform applications are found on an app store where PWAs are accessed via a web address. PWAs cannot be listed on the iOS App store but can be listed on Google Play.

What is the Best Way to Create a Native App in 2022?

It depends on your business needs and requirements:

For a simple app, a PWA is a better option. On the other hand, if your requirements are a prototype to show your customers, get feedback, and go for the fastest option.

If your requirements are access to hardware features, restricted iOS features, or need high levels of performance, then a native application is the only option.

You will need to pass strict and constantly changing app store acceptance criteria to be listed on the iOS App Store. Unfortunately, there is only one straightforward way to meet these criteria with a high-quality native application.

If your app is in a hyper-competitive segment, we would recommend you a native app.


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