Top 7 Mobile App Development Framework 2022

Driven by the usability of mobile phones, mobile app development has become the most approachable solution for building a mobile presence. Every other business now makes its online presence through the web or mobile apps. However, mobile applications are still behind web applications. But people are prioritizing mobile apps over web apps. So, when we speak of app development, we speak of Frameworks, Technology, etc.

Therefore, the article speaks of the top 7 mobile app development frameworks in 2022. Any application, whether meant for mobile or web, is not successful if it is not deployed on the proper framework. So, today, we will discuss some fantastic frameworks which make any app & its respective business successful.

Best 7 Mobile App Development Framework 2022

Before picking up the best frameworks for mobile app development, let’s learn a bit more about frameworks & their utility.   

What is Mobile App Framework?

So, frameworks are software-building platforms that incorporate tools & software, compilers, programming interface, etc. For example, a mobile app developer creates codes & frameworks to obtain applications for various mobile devices.   

Mobile app development frameworks are in high demand because of their extraordinary functionality. For example, the websites run flawlessly, have speed, are lag-free, and whatnot.   

Types of Mobile Applications

After taking a brief account of the mobile app framework, let’s begin our discussion on the types of applications. Frameworks are decided based on application type. So, here we go!   
1. Native Apps
Native applications are meant for single platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. These apps utilize device features like RAM, a Camera, GPS, etc.
2. Web Apps
Web apps are software that operates on the web and is accessible worldwide. Emails, online shopping sites, auction sites, weblogs, etc. are a few examples.  
3. Hybrid Apps
As the name indicates, Hybrid apps are the amalgamation of two prominent apps that are native & web apps. It combines the features of both apps and delivers on smartphones.  
Top 7 Mobile Application Development Frameworks in 2022
Now comes the most crucial part of the article. The list is prepared after in-depth research and rating these frameworks from different platforms. So, let’s read out the best seven frameworks for mobile app development in 2022.  
1. Flutter
Flutter is Google’s innovation, released in May 2017. It is an open-source framework for developing Native Android & iOS apps using a single codebase. SDK is highly recommended to be in the direction of cross-platform app development. It stands out from others by its unique approach to rendering apps with a native-like feel & look.
2. React Native

React Native programming language is developed and managed by the tech giant Google. It is another open-source, cross-platform app development framework. React Many developers highly utilize natives around the globe.

3. Ionic
Ionic is number three in our top 7 mobile app development frameworks list. It is another cross-platform open-source programming language. Ionic is developed with Apache Cordova, formerly known as PhoneGap and Angular.
4. Xamarin
Microsoft is the godfather of this framework used for developing native & high-performing Android, iOS, and other applications. The framework entitles businesses to leverage native-like performance & fantastic user experience. 
5. Native Script
The programming language is also in the category of open source. It is utilized to reduce the time and code of the app loads. The framework is a masterpiece for building apps like Typescript, CSS, Vue.JS, JavaScript, and Angular embedded.
6. Apache Cordova
It was previously known as PhoneGap. Apache Cordova is exaggerating a mobile app development framework that is developer-friendly. It is a cross-platform app development framework that offers CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to build mobile apps.
7.JQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is a hybrid mobile app development framework that helps develop platform-independent apps. The framework utilizes JavaScript library and HTML to create responsive websites that work on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

We hope the above list of top 7 mobile app development frameworks in 2022 suits your business needs. Many other frameworks are both business-specific or compatible with any device. You can rely on the frameworks given above for high functionality & performance.