All About Laravel Framework


What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that aims to make the development process pleasing without sacrificing any quality. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell and was first released in 2011, and the recent Laravel 7 was released in March 2020. It is not only trendy but a respected PHP Framework. Laravel uses the MVC (Model View Controller) Design Pattern and is known for its beautiful and elegant syntax as a web framework.

Laravel is designed for creating web applications, and it does with built-in features and an elaborate host of libraries which means now you don’t need to write numerous popular features from scratch. In addition, Laravel is featured with an authentication system that helps in ensuring your designed web apps remain secure.

Laravel is virtual and can be used from anywhere, and its development requires a composer, so make sure that the necessary language is installed in the system in which you are using Laravel.

It has become the favourite of developers because of its systematic documentation. Each function and commands have different type of examples and definitions.

Features of Laravel

Laravel has numerous in-built features of web development such as:

1. One of PHP’s most advanced routing systems.
2. It comes with a service container that makes dependency injection easy.
3. Integrated authentication mechanism with logic, registration, and other operations.
4. Eloquent is one of the greatest ORMs for efficiently handling database connection, migration, and queries.
5. An easy-to-use template engine called Blade and out-of-the-box interactions with major frontend frameworks like Vue and React.
6. Real-time event broadcasting makes developing real-time applications with Laravel easy.
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What is Model-Views-Controller?

MVC is a design pattern in software development that divides the logic of the program into three elements, i.e., Model, Views, and controllers.

Let’s understand all three elements thoroughly:


The model class, or the central component of the design in Laravel, provides all the methods and properties required to interact with the database schema supplied.

For example, suppose we have a User table in our database. In that case, the equivalent Model in Laravel will be called User, and you will be able to interact with the database table (users) as if the schema were a simple PHP object.


Views are utilized for all of the software’s UI logic and represent how information is shown. For example, if you say that the View represents the frontend of your web page, you are correct. Users interact with your app in this way, sending inputs to the Model and receiving feedback.

The View aspect of Laravel is entirely customizable, and a lot of the work has already been done for you to give you a decent look and feel when working with Laravel.

Laravel presents your application’s View using the Blade template, and you can easily alter it to work with different Frontend libraries like Vue, React, and even Angular.


Controllers serve as a link between Models and Views, processing all user input received from the View.

It handles all business logic and incoming requests, manipulates data with the Model component, and interacts with Views to create the final result.

Controllers are the principal executors in Laravel since they are at the centre of everything you do, from managing incoming requests to verifying and modifying data in the database using the Model component to delivering the output to the Views component to generate the final product.

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Why learn Laravel?
There are numerous reasons to learn Laravel. Let's know some of them:
  • Laravel adheres to strict web/software development best practices and industry standards, requiring you to master them while working with it.
  • As previously said, PHP is used in up to 79.1% of all websites, making Laravel a popular choice among developers.
  • Using the Rapid Application Development principles and strategy, you can quickly build small to complex projects using Laravel.
  • Laravel features one of the most elegant and beautiful syntaxes, making the codebase simple to comprehend.
  • With Laravel API and possibly Vue as the frontend framework, it’s also relatively simple to put up a microservice.
  • Vue.js and Laravel are well-integrated, making them an ideal pair for developing applications quickly.
  • Laravel is good for fast performance, Routing, SQL Migration, and Security.

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