7 things to consider while designing an eCommerce website

Most of us are directly or indirectly linked to eCommerce websites as business owners or customers. The market of the eCommerce sector has been elevated more in the ongoing pandemic situations due to arising needs of home delivery of essential and non-essential goods and services available on eCommerce sites like Big Basket, Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, etc. These services are leaving an important mark on human lives and thus require continuous enhancements in their web designs to survive in the market competition. Many big brands like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are involved in regular market strategies and design enhancements to increase their conversion rates. Since eCommerce is the fastest growing market in the world and moving ahead to cross about $2 trillion in revenues, it becomes really necessary for website owners to speed up their efforts in building engaging web designs.

Why does the eCommerce web design need to be engaging?

As mentioned before, with the rise in demand for online services, there is an increment of a million eCommerce websites to be used. From the website owner’s point of view, it is imperative to design these eCommerce websites most descriptively and engagingly to attract the targeted customers.

But it is becoming quite challenging for business owners to engage customers to their online sites owing to changing web design trends, customers’ interests, and work advancement in online businesses. The current requirements for an eCommerce website to be engaging in the market are responsive design along with eye-catching colors, themes, fonts, graphics, images, content description, etc. are vital for users to visit websites. Also, while other eCommerce businesses are following certain features and designs, one should come up with new unique design ideas, integrations, and offerings to stand out and attract a better audience than its competitors.

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Things to consider while designing an eCommerce website

We have analyzed different market trends and sorted out the following 7 things to consider for an eCommerce website design making it more engaging and user-friendly. Check out each consideration and use suitable ones for your business benefits.

Keep it simple, appealing & brand-specific

eCommerce websites should be simple, product-descriptive, along with the right representation and content alignment with the brand. The eye-catching themes, high-quality original product images, clear branding with banner design, graphical displays, and apt information regarding brand authenticity and offerings within the web design structure would be highly beneficial to simulate potential customers on the site.

Offer easy navigations to different categories

Offering clear and convenient navigations for all product categories is a crucial requirement in the web design phase, it surely tests the patience of website visitor who is looking for a product to purchase and many times results in lowering the checkouts rate. So, make your products easy to navigate by integrating smart filter options based on multiple categories and smooth redirections to the product page without the need to visit multiple web pages.

Deploy social media integrations

Business marketing on social media platforms is the latest and most profitable trend to increase the number of site visitors and product customers. It helps in off-site product marketing with offers, discounts, and updated services. With social media page integrations for the website, it is easy to understand visitors’ interests and navigation patterns helping in delivering correct product recommendations to the specific visitor.

Integrate multiple payment options

A perfect eCommerce web design should include multiple choices for online payments along with the Cash on Delivery service. As most of the world’s population has gone cardless and relies on UPI payment services like GPay, Paytm, PhonePay, and more, the website should integrate as much of these options as net banking, debit cards, and credit cards payment facilities. There could be certain discount offers on these payment solutions to attract specific customer bases to purchase products on the eCommerce website.

Integrating multiple payment options is an absolute help in increasing the conversion rates as it would be an additional convenience factor for online customers to get their product with easy payment options.

Introduce Guest checkouts
To minimize the chances of shopping cart abandonment by website visitors, web designers must introduce easy and quick checkout processes. One of the best practices for quick checkouts is including the Guest checkout option on the website to ease the task of the new visitors on the page to make a purchase. With the Guest checkout option, a user will not need to create an account or fill a form before the purchase which would help in enhancing conversion rates as most site visitors prefer speedy online purchases due to lack of time from their hectic lifestyles.
Use Call-to-Action wisely
Call-to-Action within eCommerce websites directs web page visitors to their required actions like “Continue Shopping”, “Find Similar Products”, “Back” and more. These signals in form of Call-to-Action should be used optimally at the right space letting the website visitor perform the desired action without any ambiguity or unclear proceedings. A web designer should consider adding more Call-to-Action at suitable positions while building the eCommerce website.
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Future of eCommerce web designing

There is a huge scope of improvements in eCommerce web designs to be followed in the future which calls for high–end spirits into the skillful web designers to showcase their best efforts in building the right, engaging, and profitable business website.

It is again the choice of a business owner to hire the best eCommerce design company for building highly interactive and responsive web design to enhance their sales and revenues. We propose all such interested businesses to utilize the best web design services for their eCommerce stores to contact us directly with their project requirements and queries.