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Native Mobile Application Development

Native mobile application development entailed creating apps only available on mobile platforms and built up with programming languages and tools specific to a single platform. Users may download them through dedicated app stores such as (App Store or Google Play). Native apps are regarded for providing a superior user experience due to their fast performance. In addition, the aesthetics are also matched to the platform's UX, which improves the user experience.

Apple and Google offer app developers their own set of development tools, UI components, and SDKs. However, most businesses will engage in native mobile app development due to the numerous advantages over other apps such as hybrid or web. Furthermore, because mobile software is becoming increasingly needed for businesses, they must understand the benefits and drawbacks of various app development approaches.

Native apps are rapid and responsive, and they are built utilizing the platform's core programming language and APIs, resulting in extremely high performance. The app is stored on the device, allowing the software to take advantage of the device's computing power. Because the native mobile app is incorporated into the phone, loading time is quick.

Types of Native Mobile App Development

1. Native IOS App Development

For building iOS applications, Swift and Objective-C are the preferred programming languages for app developers.

2. Native Android App Development

Java or Kotlin is the preferred programming languages for app developers for building android applications.

Advantages of Native Mobile App Development

High Performance

Native apps are rapid and responsive, and they are built utilizing the platform's core programming language and APIs, resulting in extremely high performance. As it is incorporated into the phone, loading time is quick.

Highly Secure

Different browsers and underlying technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS are used in web apps. Creating a native mobile app is an excellent method to provide your users with secure data security.

Broad Functionality

You'll have access to all of the APIs and tools available on the platform you're working on. There are no technical constraints on how programmers can use the new app.

Store Support & Increased Scalability

Native apps are easier to publish and usually rank higher in the platform's app store. They also tend to be more scalable, thanks to the flexibility in resource management and the number of tools available.

Complex Maintenance

The maintenance is more complicated than that of a hybrid app because the app's most recent version should be launched. Users, on the other hand, can quickly obtain information on the most recent update.

Fewer Bugs

Maintaining two separate apps in a single codebase is more complex than maintaining two different apps. Because you won't be relying on a cross-platform, you'll have fewer bugs if you use native app development.


Although native mobile app development has a higher upfront cost, doing it well the first time will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. In addition, you may give your users a more tailored experience by providing a fantastic user experience, better performance, and exploiting device features. This will pay off in the long run. The advantages of a native mobile app combined will result in improved conversion rates and, as a result, increased client loyalty.

Whatever method you use must be swift, responsive, and dependable. In addition, it's critical to stay up with evolving user demands as they demand more from mobile experiences.

We've done a lot of native app development at Mechlin, using Java/Kotlin or Swift/Objective-C, so feel free to connect with us if you need any help in Native App Development.

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